Discrete Dynamics Lab

Update Feb 1999 - version 22 - new features

New features added since the last DDLab release in Sept 1997 are listed below, with links to illustrations. The list is not exhaustive. A number of logical, presentaton and "crash" bugs have also been fixed (and not too may added - I hope).
Previous updates, Sept 1997 since March 96, are listed here.
An updated manual covering all DDLab functions, with examples and illustrations, is in the process of being written.

New features and changes

3d networks The local neighbourhood The wiring graphic New flexible biases for "random" wiring Untangling wiring Mixed k and effective k The inverse problem Indirect inputs and outputs - degrees of separation Setting rules Setting the seed (initial state) Space-time patterns Filtering CA space-time patterns Attractor Basins Derrida plots Input entropy rule samples Presentation and Operation Changes Return to the Discrete Dynamics Lab home page.