Discrete Dynamics Lab

Update May 2002 version 24
new manual, new features

The most significant update is that the new manual is complete (421 pages, 209 figures), and corresponds exactly to this DDLab release, version 24.

The new version of DDLab includes many new features, functions, improvements and revisions, both major and minor, since the last official release in Feb 1999. Some of these are listed below, with links to illustrations. Changes not listed will be clear from the manual.
A number of logical, presentation and "crash" bugs have also been fixed (and not too may added - I hope).

For previous updates since March 96, click Feb 99 and Sept 97.

Some new features and changes

Graph tools

Network architecture Wiring, mixed-k Setting rule/s, new options Attractor basins The Derrida plot Space-time patterns, various new/revised options, and on-the-fly options, including, Return to the Discrete Dynamics Lab home page.
Last modified: July 2001